Fashion Nova Settlement Checks

The Mail, Internet or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule (the Mail Order Rule) states as follows: “Online retailers need to know that our Mail Order Rule requires them to notify customers in the event of shipping delays and offer the right to cancel with a full refund—not just a gift card or a store credit.”

Did you recently receive a check from Fashion Nova and you are wondering what it is for?

Fashion Nova is an online fashion retailer that was sued by the Federal Trade Commission. Fashion Nova did not notify its consumers and failed to give them refund when it did not ship out merchandise. Instead, it illegally issued gift cards. Therefore, if you placed an order with Fashion Nova, and you did not receive the item because it was either out of stock, missing from your order, or it was damaged, you most likely received a gift card from Fashion Nova as a refund.

However, the lawsuit with Federal Trade Commission was settled for $9.3 million, which was used to send refunds to over 500,000 consumers.

If you have further questions about your refund, you can contract Settlement Administrator at 833-253-8062.

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