Basics on Special Needs Trusts

Things that Will Slow Down the Probate Process

You want to make your probate process smooth and as quick as possible to ensure that your beneficiaries receive their share as quickly as possible. However, there are certain things that can create issues during the process, especially if the estate planning was not completed correctly. Below are some of the issues that should be

Choosing a Guardian Who Lives Outside of the U.S. for Your Minor Children

What are Dower Rights?

What Is a Testamentary Trust

What is a Transfer on Death Affidavit and Why You Should Have It

Transfer on Death Affidavit, often referred to as TOD, is an easy way to avoid probate when transferring a real estate property after death. While trusts and wills are created in order to transfer most assets, including personal property, there is a better way to transfer your home into the beneficiary’s name quickly. Transfer on

Guardianship of Minor Children is a Crucial Part of Estate Planning

A recent conversation I had with a family member prompted this post, emphasizing the importance of having a will with guardianship provisions set up, no matter how small your estate may be, if you have a minor child. Her friend’s daughter passed away unexpectedly few weeks ago. She was a single mom after the father

Talking to Your Parents About Estate Planning

Succession Order in Ohio

In Ohio the court looks at your estate after you pass away as either testate or intestate. Testate means that you passed away having a valid will. Intestate on the other hand, means that you had no will. In a situation when there is no will, not only is the probate process longer and more

Separate Property in Marriage and Estate Planning

To ensure that after passing away all property is divided the way an individual wants, it is imperative that correct wording in estate planning is used. This applies especially to married individuals who have marital and separate property. In Ohio, during marriage, property is divided into one of two categories: marital or separate. Separate property