Business Succession in Ohio

What Does It Mean to Pierce Corporate Veil?

Forming an entity like a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or S or C corporation gives protection to those that want to open their open business, but do not want their personal assets to be at risk in case the business fails. However, if business owners are not fully informed about their obligations to the entity,

What You Should Know Before Signing a Contract

You enter into contracts many times throughout the day, often not realizing you are doing so. However, each contract leads to obligations and rights that we should be aware of. To get an idea of what you should look out for in each contract transaction see the list below for simple hints and key points.

Which Corporation Is Right for You

Are you starting a new business and wondering what the best set up is for you? If you have decided to create a corporation, rather than perform business as a sole proprietor, you need to decide the type of corporation that will work best for you. LLC LLC is the most common entity formed. Members

Choosing the Right Structure for Your Business

Are you ready to launch your own business? Did you always love cooking and want to open a restaurant? Are you a barber who always wished of having his own salon? Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to launch her virtual business? No matter what your dream business may be, one of the very