Estate Planning entails planning in advance for distributions of your property after death and/or naming health care and financial managers to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated. We can assist in the planning, which includes documents such as Last Will and Testament, Trust, Health Care Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney and Living Will.

Business Formation is a necessary early step when opening a business. The way in which a business is formed will determine the personal liability of the founders, how taxes are to be paid and other important details. We can assist you in ensuring that you choose the type of form that fits the founders and the business’ needs the best.  

Contract Formation/Review – whether you need a lease agreement, an employment contract, or a complex transactional agreement we can help in either creating the entire document or reviewing one already prepared to ensure that your needs are being met and your best interest is protected.

Law Firm Supplementation – available for short and long-term projects for other attorneys’ clients, whether your firm needs legal research, drafting, or review of documents.  

Immigration Law – we help to keep families together by providing legal assistance to individuals through family or employment based immigration.

Real Property Closings– we can assist you in ensuring that you can walk into your new home worry-free. We can assist in reviewing any documents throughout the home buying process, as well as organize the closing process, prepare deeds and transfer documents and record them.