Differences between Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will

Basics on Special Needs Trusts

Things that Will Slow Down the Probate Process

You want to make your probate process smooth and as quick as possible to ensure that your beneficiaries receive their share as quickly as possible. However, there are certain things that can create issues during the process, especially if the estate planning was not completed correctly. Below are some of the issues that should be

COVID-19 Vaccination Will Be Required for Most Intending Immigrants to USA Starting in October

The Nationality Act (INA), section 212(a)(1)(A)(ii) sets requirements for foreign nationals to demonstrate a proof of, if they wish to obtain permanent residence in the United States. Amongst those requirements are “any… vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices.” Towards the end of August, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Choosing a Guardian Who Lives Outside of the U.S. for Your Minor Children

What is a J Visa and Who Can Benefit From It?

Overview J visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows the applicant to participate in an exchange visitor program in the U.S. There are a number of categories that fit under the J visa umbrella and some of the most common ones include: au pair, government visitors, interns, physicians, professors and research scholars, students, summer work

Business Succession in Ohio

What are Dower Rights?

What Does It Mean to Pierce Corporate Veil?

Forming an entity like a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or S or C corporation gives protection to those that want to open their open business, but do not want their personal assets to be at risk in case the business fails. However, if business owners are not fully informed about their obligations to the entity,

What Is a Testamentary Trust